Heaven Sent Ranch
"Where only the best stuff goes in the box!"

"Where only the best stuff goes in the box!"


Update:  09/05/2010

     Coming soon to Heaven Sent Ranch!  I recently have made arrangements to

add the "Cottage Hill" line of Black Copper Marans to my breeding program.

     Backwoods Poultry Farm is the sole breeder of the Ron Presley line of BCM.

Buddy Henry of Backwoods Poultry has agreed to ship his chicks to me in the

Spring of 2011.  This will give "Heaven Sent Ranch" the ability to offer three

of the best lines of Black Copper Marans available in the United States today.

Wade Jeanne, Bev Davis and soon Ron Presley will all be represented here! 

     Please check back with us for more updates to "Heaven Sent Ranch" 


   Update:  08/29/2010

     Back from my trip to Oregon, what a beautifull state!  I picked up my new

 trio of breeders from Gary and Lisa Cree of "Cree Farms".  I've posted pictures

 and I think you will agree that the Cree's have done a wonderfull

 job with their Bev Davis line of Black Copper Marans.  

     I have named my new Cockerel "Christian".  He and his two girls are doing

 well and made the ten hour drive with no problems what so ever.  Next Spring I

 hope to see Bev Davis babies running around the yard!  The hens aren't laying

yet as they are still young but I'm sure they will do just fine. 

     I am also introducing a new Cockerel from the Wade Jeanne line, his name is

 "Bernard".  Bernard was born here at Heaven Sent Ranch and is showing real

 promise.  He is from Linda Hamid's cockerel "Pierre" at Sweetwater Poultry.

      Next year is going to be very exciting here at "Heaven Sent Ranch", until

then God Bless you all and may you all have Happy, Healthy Birds!

Debi Stuhr

Heaven Sent Ranch

Red Bluff, CA







Update:  08/24/2010

     Heaven Sent Ranch is happy to announce the addition of the Bev Davis

 line of Black Copper Marans.  This is something I've been looking forward

 to for over two years.  This line will bring a well rounded addition to my

 breeding program.  I truly believe everyone will be very excited to see these

 birds.  The Wade Jeanne line is magnificent on it's own.  The Bev Davis line

 know world wide for it's spectacular sized birds and deep dark eggs will be

a wonderfull combination.

     Pictures will be posted the first week in September.  Until  then, may you

all have Happy, Healthy Birds! 

Debi Stuhr

Heaven Sent Ranch

Red Bluff, CA