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"Where only the best stuff goes in the box!"

"Where only the best stuff goes in the box!"



 "Northern California, Poulet Bleu"





        About 500 years ago, Bresse emerged as a distinct chicken breed in the former province of Bresse in eastern France. Somewhere between the Rhone River and the French Alps sits a 60-mile by 25-mile swath of fields and woodlands. Here the breed was formed from a now-forgotten mix of local fowl. Through a combination of luck and selective breeding, small flocks of poulet de Bresse that dotted the French countryside soon earned the reputation of having a unique and exquisite flavor.

         To this day, the French guard their wonderful Poulet de Bresse from being exported but as we all know, "Where there's a will, there's a way".  Due to regulations, we cannot name our birds Poulet de Bresse no more than we can name our Sparkling Wines, Champagne.  My thought is "A Rose by any other name, would smell as sweet". 

         So with that said, we have decided to name our birds "Northern California, Poulet Bleu".  These birds are raised on sweet pasture grasses grown on some of the finest and most sought after agricultural land in the Country.  Heaven Sent Ranch, is located just to the East of the Sacramento River and in days gone by was actually under the Sacramento River.  This ranch is blessed with thirty feet of pure river loam and the grasses and clovers that grow here are of the finest quality.  We have spared no expense replicating the free range quality of the land  and the beauty of the region known as Bresse, France for our flocks.

       Northern California Poulet Bleu have a distinctive red crown, white feathers and blue feet, the same as their predecessors the French Bresse, making it an ideal national mascot right here in the USA as well as in France.  When butchered, the chickens have a clear reddish-pink tone to the flesh and pronounced yellowish fat. Bones are surprisingly light for sturdy, free-range birds.

       Our Poulet Bleu belong to a genetically distinct chicken breed that metabolize feed in a certain way, distribute certain types of muscle across their frames in a certain pattern and at certain rates, and produce meat with a unique and distinct flavor. They are known to have unusually light bones and thin skin. These many physical differences flow from the singular genetics handed down from the original French Bresse poultry stock.



       ?The Queen of Chickens, and the Chicken of Kings.?

             Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin 


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Straight Run Chicks                                     $25 each, Minimum of 8

Juvenile birds sold in pairs, trios and quads only:

 Pair                                                                              $150.00

 Trio                                                                              $225.00

Quad                                                                            $300.00



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