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Quotes Hi Debi, Just a quick thank you for all you've done and are doing to improve the quality of Marans in this country. My LP birds are some of the finest I've seen ANYWHERE. I must admit, that at first, they didn't impress me overly. Thinking I had wasted my money and was getting prepared to take the loss and cull them all, I decided instead to give them more time. Now at 6 and 7 months old they have completely metamorphosed into the beautiful birds I had thought they would be. I'm SO glad I waited. I'm only mentioning this here in hopes that others will take the additional time to allow these amazing birds to mature before judging them. Thanks again Debi, Kat Washington State Quotes
So Glad I Found You

Quotes Hi Debi, I'm happy to report that the BC Marans I purchased from you have began to lay. I'm delighted to once again enjoy the gorgeous dark brown eggs in my egg basket. They are every bit of the deep dark brown I expected. Thank you very much for my chickens! Ellen Frazier Park, Ca. Quotes
Ellen Cox
A Delighted Customer

Quotes Hi Debi, The shipping box was fantastic and all those beautiful fat little chicks arrived chirping and active, Thank you so much for the extras! I just know they are pullets as they told me so : ) Thank you for the egg shells, haven't had any one else send egg shells to compare my girls shell color too and it is good to see the color of shells that these new kids come from and I will dry and save them. Great doing business with you Debi and I will be back. > > Dennis and Patsy Gudgell > Homestead farm > Yelm Washington Quotes
Patsy G.
Fat Little Healthy Chicks

Quotes Hi Debi, I'm interested in purchasing BCM chicks from your Bev Davis line. Do you have any available this year? I've done a lot of research and done a lot of reading on BYC, you have a very good reputaton. I would appreciate any information. Thank you so much! Sorry, in my excitement , I forgot to add that I would also be interested in Hatching Eggs from Bev Davis Line. Thank you Anne Quotes
Anne W.
Great Reputaton!

Quotes Hi Debi, I thought I would give you an update on the hatch. I got seven chicks total. All of them look great at this point. I have had trouble with my incubator lately, so I was happy with the results as they were. Thanks so much for all your information and fantastic eggs. I'm really looking forward to about six months from now. Best of luck to you this year! Brian Parks Quotes
Brian Parks
Fantastic Eggs

Quotes Hi Debi, I am so excited about the chicks I can hardly think about anything else! I am busy "feathering my nest" getting ready for them. So thrilled! I hope that you do get to come visit us here at Cloud Forest...I'll keep my fingers crossed. Aloha, Hillery Quotes
Hillery G.
So excited!!

Quotes Hi Debi Well after following your advice and articles listed on your site....the first batch of eggs (that were lost in the mail) hatch out five wonderful little chicks!!! They are happy, healthy, and very active. The second batch of eggs you sent me at no additional cost, are due to hatch Thursday and so far there are nine viable embryos. Starting out with eleven I think that is a great number. Thank you very much for your kindness and understanding and of course the advice!!! Great doing business with you and the farm. Cheers Cristen Quotes
Cristen H., Texas
Lost eggs, found babies!! :-)

Quotes Hi Debi; Thanx again for all your help on our new chicks, and letting us know if any questions, its ok to ask. Quotes
Art. Martinez
satisfied customer

Quotes Hi Debi, Thank you for the gorgeous chicks, they are such nice looking birds. Every one of them are healthy and thrifty. It has been great doing business with you, you are very professional and extremely knowledgeable. I had so many questions for you concerning this breed and you had insightful answers for all of them. It is hard to find people with your level of professionalism these days. Keep up the good work, I believe you have a successful future with this. I look forward to our continued business. Quotes
Jeremy Monasmith
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Bev Davis recommended Debi at Heaven Sent when she couldn't fill my order. Its no small wonder why she was on the top of Bev's list. I was looking to get the best, and I am certain that I did. Beautiful hatching eggs arrived two days later that were packaged with great care. I'm excited to pieces to meet the newest members of my flock. Thanks Debi for all your help and information. Best of luck! Quotes
Brian Parks
Frasier Creek Farm
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