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Quotes Sure glad I contacted you about hatching eggs for us. Now we have became friends. I have learned alot about chickens etc.. from you. Looking forward to hatching many more eggs. Great web site. Quotes
Kimberlie Harmon
very satisfied

Quotes Yes Miss Debi, my chicks arrived this morning, and all but one made it safely. I am glad I chose you as the breeder to buy my birds from and am exited to have them. Thanks, Dean Quotes
Dean J.
Happy Camper

Quotes Debi, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the eggs arrived this afternoon in perfect condition. They are beautiful and much darker than the picture. I am more than excited for the new babies. Will let you know how they hatch. Thanks so much. Have a great weekend. - Kim. Quotes
Kim K
Excited Customer

Quotes Debi, Thank you so much. I'm glad to know you take so much pride in your birds. I think very highly of my critters as well. I'm telling all my Hunsbander friends about you and your next hatch. I will let you know when I receive the ladies. Anders p.s yes the more pullets the better!! God Bless Quotes
Anders Rae

Quotes Debi, I can't tell you how helpful you have been, my experience with you has been absolute exciting and very professional. Considering I'm a newbie to raising chickens, you have treated me with the utmost respect. Thank you so much for the experience. Ben Quotes
Ben West
Chicken Newbie

Quotes Good Morning Debi, Just wanted to let you know that the chicks are doing great. They love their new spacious accommodations, and all the garden goodies that I give them throughout the day. In a month or so I will let them down on the ground in their enclosure?and I know they will enjoy that. But for now they are just busy growing up. They are VERY vigorous and curious about everything. Such great little birds! Thanks for everything you did to make it all possible. Aloha, Hillery Quotes
Hillery Gunther
Vigorous Happy Chicks

Quotes The chicks arrived today and all were healthy, full of zip and loud singing! The post office was very happy to have me arrive and pick them up! Thank you for the manner in which you shipped them. It was very convenient and easy to transfer the chicks from the box into the brooder. They were very happy to get water and feed and are very comfortable now. All 26 babies are amazing! Thank you again, Rick and Zara Quotes
Zara Tirrell
Very Happy Mommy!

Quotes Debi, What a wonderful person. I am so grateful to all the information and support you lent to me when my favorite Roo Victor was very ill. Thank you Thank you Thank you for reaching out to a fellow "crazy chicken person" in need. I have never met you but will keep my hopes up that one day you might be able to make it down to my Annual Marans Chicken Party and Mr. Vic and I can thank you in person!! Quotes
Sean from Uptown Chickens
Very Grateful!!
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